Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"...if we have faith, problems will all work out in the end."

Ok. Well, since I pretty much told you everything last Sunday, I am not going to make this letter super long, but I am going to answer your questions though:).

This pic was in the Messina Elder's apartment...I WANT TO STEAL IT
( pic of LV temple:) )

(Mom's note**** the scheduled baptism has been postponed)

_________ is doing well. His family said that he can still go to church and take the lessons, but he can't be baptized until later. We don't know when that is, but I do feel that it will happen eventually! That kid has taught me so many things and is so awesome at everything. We read 1 Nephi 5 with him yesterday and told him to, "Think about how he can put these things into his life and learn lessons from it" while we read. At the end of the reading session, he first gave an account of every little minute detail of what happened (even of King Laban being a decendant of Joseph like Lehi was!!!!). Secondly, he told us, "I learned something pretty cool from this chapter. We need to follow everything that the Lord says even if we have to make hard decisions. The Lord knows what we should be doing. Sometimes those things may create problems in our lives, but if we have faith, they will all work out in the end. We also need to keep the faith that God wants the best things for us all the time and he won't give us anything we can't handle!" "__________! Why aren't you a member yet??????" was my first thought! This kid is so smart, like I've said before! I feel as if Anziano Davids and I are big brothers to him also because as we dropped him back off to his house last night after Corso di Inglese he asked, "Anziano Layton, is it true that you are Davids are going to be transfered eventually?" "Sadly yes," I responded. He then asked very solemnly, "Before both of you leave, can I please request you on Facebook and Skype?" Heck ya you can __________! You can come home with me too!!! Shoot!
Dallin & his adopted little brother
No, Michael didn't write much to me, but I am so sad to hear he is having health issues! I hope that  everything ends up ok! I pray for that kid so much....EVERY DAY! I hope that everything turns out ok!
_________ was OUT!!!

Well, not much to report since Sunday. The work is still moving on:)! I love you all like always! Alla prossima (until the next)!
Vi Amo (I love you),
Anziano Layton

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