Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Lord is blessing me with His love and compassion.

Hey there all you wonderful people:),
Ok. I need to start off by saying, I feel my Heavenly Father and my Savior's love! In the past couple of weeks, I have been really happy. Really peaceful. Italy is not an easy place to preach the gospel, but I have felt sky-high and it seems like nothing can really bring me down! Even being told to yelled at in the streets doesn't phase me:). I just laugh it off and go on with my day! I have been so happy all the time, and I don't know why! I can't explain it in words, but I feel that it is because the Lord is blessing me with his love and compassion! I feel so lucky to be here and to serve the Lord in everything that I do! I have wanted to share this great feeling with everyone that I have met! I guess it is a good thing that we did a bunch of tracting this past week. Although there was a lot of rejection, there was also a lot of success at the same time. I mean as much success as Italy will give you;). We received about 12 phone numbers to call back and around 5 or 6 houses to go back to! Speriamo Bene!!!!!! (Hopefully good!)
I know I have said this before, but I love Reggio and I never want to leave! It really does feel like home to me now! I am going to be devestated when I have to leave. I know I will love all of my cities that I am in, but this one is where I was "born!" To answer your question mom, Davids has been here for one transfer more than me and is more likely leave before me and I will get a new comp. I don't necessarily want that to happen because with that love that I have felt from the Lord, I feel like he has blessed this companionship also because we are laughing a lot more and having more fun and getting along so much better:). Attitudes make all the difference also...from BOTH of us! And we've become good friends. Anziano Davids predicts that I will be training in my 4th transfer. I really hope not, because I barely know what I am doing now let alone in another two months! 
Ok. One quick story before I need to leave. Yesterday we were doing "casa" and we came to an apartment that was my turn to do so of course I did it (surprising huh;)). The man opened the door and practically ushered us in after I had told him that, "We have a message of hope for you." He sat us down and we started explaining what our message was. He said, "I have been looking for answers and I have been studying so many things lately." He told us to hold on for a moment and he went to go get his phone. He returned and said, "Look!" On his phone, he was studying the teachings of Ghandi. He said, "I was reading this before you two knocked on my door." We went onto explain that we were here to help him find those answers he was looking for and he said, "I really hope that you the answer!" Oh man! We also got a return appointment with him and left a Book of Mormon with him to read! This guy is so awesome and I hope that we can continue to work with him!!!!!
Well, devo andare perché dobbiamo fare la spessa! Alla prossima! Vi amo!  (Per mom's translator, that means, "Well, I have to go because we have to make thick! Until next time! I love you!"...I don't think that word means, what you think it means...had to throw a Princess Bride quote in there:)  !)

Anziano Layton!

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  1. Do you ever think I will read one of these without crying? I so love this young man!!!