Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The baptism is back on!

Well Here I am again,

Mom, I am sorry that my letter was "short" last week;)! I will make sure to put less information in them to keep them shorter;). haha Just kidding. I will try and do better at putting as much as I can into them!

Ok to start off this letter I need to say that THE BAPTISM IS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you did read that correctly. We went an taught ________ on Monday and we had a discussion with him, ______, and ________ (his dad). _____ told us that ________ talks about his baptism literally every single day and it makes him sad that it was cancelled. She continued by telling us that ________, _______, and __________ sister, -_______ discussed this and said that as long as their immediate family sticks together, everything will be ok. __________ knows that this is what _______ wants and she is supporting him every step of the way! I am so grateful for ________ ! She is just awesome and supportive of ________ and us, as missionaries. Anyway, I am just stoked that it is happening! ______ has taught me so many things! I consider him to be my little brother some times. ....also, I really made a connection with him by telling him that, "I used to be a Pok√®mon freak;)." He really opened up with me once I did that;).

That is that biggest thing that happened this week that I wanted to share with you. _________ (The man that was trying to find answers) isn't calling us back and every time we go to his house, he isn't there. So, we will still try, but it is just a bit frustrating to find someone so seemingly interested and then to be blown off :/. Oh well, all we can do is try and stay positive:).

Ok mom, I am sorry this one is short again. I promise I will write you first next week and give you more information about what is up in my life;). I do need to say/ask a few things though;):
1) I need Brookes address in Provo. I have had a letter for nearly a 3 weeks now and I keep forgetting to ask for it.
2) The way that I do my twos with my fingers means something bad here in Italy! Very funny story that I wrote down in my journal so you can see it once I get home;)!
3) The plaque looks sweet!!!!!! Thank you so much!
4) Can you and Pops read my Patriarchal Blessing and write back what pops out at you both? That would be greatly appreciated:).

Well, until next time!

Vi Amo!!!!!

Anziano Layton

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