Wednesday, June 5, 2013

They made us eat "THE PEPPER"!!!!!

Well, I have decided that I am going to start doing something new with writing home. I am going to go through day by day and say the things that are most important:).

Wednesday: We went to "Scilla":D (Sicily)." Scilla is about a half an hour away from Reggio and boy is it beautiful! I took a bunch of pics. We went there for our P-Day and it was way fun. We went inside the castle that is there and we were able to look down from where it is positioned and see the "Straight" between Sicilia and the mainland. We also saw the clear blue water that I wanted to swim in so badly! I was also able to teach this young woman named_________. We now have a baptisimal date with her (July 6th) and she is making great progress! We are teaching her again tonight. We get to teach her in english which is awesome for me that way I can actually participate more than usual!

Thursday: Nothing extremely important happened today. We had Corso di Inglese and that was really fun:). I love speaking and teaching English to those that really want to learn instead of just "trying" to make fun of us on the street!

Friday: We kinds did a little Scambio (split) with the Anziani di Cosenza aùbecause Anziano Bennett (Davids comp before me) needed to come back and get his "Permesso di Soggiorno." "That makes it so that we can live in Italy and do wehat we are doing) I went wwith his companion and vice versa. It was pretty fun because we went off by ourselves and I was the "leader" because it was "my" city! I really liked that because I liked being able to kinda just lead the way even though I am only in the second transfer and Bennett's comp is in his 3rd! Young companionship right there. 

Saturday: We went and saw a woman in our ward named Sorrella ___________. She is by far one of the sweetest old ladies I have ever met! She is such a strong member of the church and she knows the scriptures insanely well! We were sharing a spiritual thought with her and her husband (who doesn't come to church anymore because he doesn't remember things well and he can't hear) and while we were reading the scripture (2nd Nephi 4:19) she finished off the scripture from memory without any scriptures! I must have looked at her with an amazed dùface because she chuckled and said, "Anziano, when you get to be as old as I am, you will be able to do that too!" She is such a great lady and actually has a daughter living in St. George if I remember correctly! So awesome!!!

Sunday: Usually Sundays are full of finding because they are prime times to find people! Usually people are at home and we do a lot of house because of that! I like Sunday's also because I feel the spirit very strongly!!!! This Sunday was so much better than the rest because _________ bore his testimony!!!!!!!!!!! How beautiful was that!? I can't even begin to tell you what he said because it was so great, it wouldn't do it justice! Gave me chills!

Monday:We didn't do a whole lot on Monday because we needed to get ready to go to Zone Conference in Catania the next day. We did some english course publicity so we can get more people at our english course and hopefull find more people to teach that way:). Although we like finding, we enjoy finding people through English Course also;). We headed over to Messina and we stayed the night there. We went and had some dinner over at soime of their members' house and they turned out to be from India!!!!!! We got to eat indian food! Before we could eat though, they made us eat "the pepper." That was by far the hottest thing I have ever eaten along with Anziano Davids also! We got this occurence on video so you can enjoy it when I get home;). I cannot tell you how much I ate!!!! It was SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good and it was so much better than having something with Pasta! Crazy huh!? I am already tired of pasta! I need to find somewhere I can buy rice!!!! Rice is good;). 

Tuesday: We had Zone Conference which is always so awesome!!!!!! The main point of this one was to go out every day with a smile on your face and spread the gospel of good news! We need to have a great attitude, put in the hardest work possible and be able to come home tired and be able to say, "That was a good days work!" I need to get better at this because it is so frustrating to not be able to fully communicate the things I want to say when I know what people are saying! It is important for me to understand that it takes time to fully be able to be a great missionary and I can only live in the present!!!!!!

Well, that is my weekly report! Mom, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about my P-Blessing! It means a lot!!! I have been reading it a lot lately and I can't wait to see Grandpa again and give him a huge hug. I'm grateful to have been sent to a family with good men who hold the Priesthood (and of course, the most amazing women EVER!). Grandpa had always been such an example to me and I'm so grateful to him to be worthy to be a Patriarch.  There aren't very many people out there that are able to say that their grandfather gave them their P-Blessing. I love you grandpa!!!!!!!!
Also thank you for the Lion Bar. I got it and ate it yesterday;). I changed Anziano Davids's life because I shared it with him;). Thank you for everything! I love you all! I can feel your love you send in your prayers! 


Anziano Layton

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