Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'd totally take these tiny Italians in basketball...

Hi guys,

Ok to quickly answer your question about the packages. I am almost positive that they take the money out of the funds that they give is every month to pay for the receiving of the package. At least that is what makes the most sense to me at least;). 
Wednesday: We didn't do much after I e-mailed last Wednesday. We taught ________ again and she is making some pretty good progress! She has a lot of questions which is a really good thing coming for a missionary point of view;). We are still continuing to teach her. She is a student in Messina and is really funny, cool, and awesome all around! She is just a really good person!
View from the castle in Sicilly

Thursday: We finished watching the videos of "The District" (because the mission wants every new Elder to) and went out to do some contacting down on Lungomare (the "seafront")!!!!! It really is the most beautiful place in the world;)! I'm a lucky guy. After that, we headed to the church to teach a girl named _______. She loves English and wanted us to do the lesson in English for her. I am not sure that she understood too much of what we spoke about, but I'm going to make sure understands next time. I am also not sure about how interested in the gospel she is, but I guess we will see;). Later, we did our English Course and made it really fun because Davids didn't know how long he would be staying in Reggio after the Transfer calls came! We laughed a lot and made sure to make it memorable!

Friday: We headed to Cosenza for "District Conference" and to do a little scambio type thing with the Anziani di Cosenza. That was really fun. We didn't do much on Friday because it was a 3 hour train ride from Reggio to Cosenza and the train left at 5. Saturday was the fun part!

Saturday: We did a bunch of missionary work during the day and then we realized, there were a bunch of Anziani that went to Cosenza for this conference. There were 4 American and 4 Italian Elders. So guess what we decided to do!? Abbiamo giocato calico (soccer)!!!!! We only lost by one goal which is saying a lot since they are Italian and they practically eat grass and soccer balls for breakfast! I had 3 goals with two assists thrown on in there;)! WOOHOO!

We also received our transfer calls. I am staying, Davids is going to Raguza, but I am getting a "greeny!" I am nervous, but I know that the Lord will bless me in this! Maybe this is what will help me become better in Italian the quickest. This will make me need to speak as much as I can and I will have to explain myself  the best I can also! I am excited for it and hope that I get a good comp! I won't know until I get to the train station and find him!!!! Crazy stuff if you ask me!!!!

Sunday: We had the conference. There were great talks given! I loved it a lot!

Monday: We did a lot of work and we also went around to a lot of places so Davids could say  good bye to them. He does not want to leave! He absolutely loves it here, like me! We also played some soccer with some of our English course students and I lost yet again;)! Haha!!! I'd totally take these tiny Italians in basketball:)

Tuesday: More of saying good-bye and missionary work:)! Notthing too special:).

Well, to finish, we have a baptism this Sunday and trust me, I am so excited! ________ is the ABSOLUTE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He has a Nevada shirt...we were meant to be friends!

Well, gotta go. Short on time like always!!!!!!

Love you all so much!!!

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