Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We sent into the sea and I performed the baptism

Well, this letter is going to be focused on pretty much on the baptism and my new comp and I will do the day by day thing next week.

 I cannot explain in words how great it was! I am so happy that I go to perform this wonderful ordinance and be with _______ as he went through with it! The baptism went so well and there were no hiccups whatsoever. We had ________ (Presidente's wife) speak on the Holy Ghost and one of the other members (__________) speak on baptism! The talks were so great because all they pretty much needed to do was bear their testimonies about how baptism and the Holy Ghost has changed their lives! (? My English is getting horrible BTW. I second guess myself in nearly everything I write;))  I cannot tell you how spiritual it was! I felt it really strong and I hope everyone else did also! We had members crying and sniffling! _____ and ______ (_________'s parents) came to the program also along with some of our investigators so there were a good amount of people there! Close to 30 I would say!
After the program, we went to the sea and performed the baptism! I cannot explain in words how wonderful the baptism was! I have never felt so much love for anyone after knowing them for 3 months ever! We walked out into the water and I stated the blessing and dunked him;). He came right up out of the water and gave me a huge hug! I got a bit teary eyed after that because _______ doesn't hug many people!!!! I am so happy that ________ made this decision to be a part of this marvelous gospel!!!
Side note: I was so tempted to dive into the water and go for a swim after the baptism was performed, but I decided not to because I am a missionary and all;)! haha

Well, onto my new comp (my "greeny"). Well, I will start by saying this, he is REALLY SMART! We taught ______ yesterday and he kept using large words and I had to intervene and explain to her what he meant to say. He went to BYU for a year and he wants to go into Mechanical Engineering. He likes to work hard from what I have noticed and he enjoys Reggio (not nearly as much as I do though!!!! one does:) )! He is a cool guy. It is still the first week so he isn't too outgoing just yet! BTW....If I am here for another transfer, I will be tied for the longest time spent in Reggio by a missionary:)! Awesome;)!
My New Greeny:)
Well, gotta go! Love you all so much and I talk about you every single day!!!!!!!
Anziano Layton

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