Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Patriarcial Blessing is something that has been giving me strength.


1) Been thinking about it, and I realized this past week that you guys are going to have a really hard time at Christmas getting all of those decorations on the top of the tree without me there;). That puppy is over 9 feet tall and all of you are shorties;). 
2) Can you ask Aunt Angie if Reuben Sosa is in the MTC right now or if he is serving a mission now?
3) I did get an opportunity to watch the broadcast (in Italian which was very hard to focus because there was only one guy translating, who had a pretty monotone voice, and he translated for every single person that gave a talk) and I think that I saw him in the choir over there? Maybe I am just seeing things because that happens a lot over here! I see many people that resemble people I know from home! For example, ysterday we were walking to the church and I could have swon that I saw Jake Potaro (Christian's brother) walking right by me going in the other direction!
Mom, I need to tell you that this past week was a lot better than the previous two. I don't know what it was? Maybe it was because Anziano Rowbotham and I have gotten to really know each other and have become really good friends? Maybe it was because I have tried changing my outlook on the mission as much as I could? I don't know, but what I do know is that my Patriarchal Blessing is something that has been giving me a lot of strength. I read it nearly every single day and I cannot tell/express in words how much it means to me!!! Shout out to Grandpa for being such a great and inspired man for the people of Las Vegas for such a long time!!!

Anzianos Layton & "Roby":)

The weather here is pretty darn hot and we are out in it a lot! Everyone says that it is getting close to 38 C here and if I were to guess, that is close to 100 ( is 100.4 to be exact according to my converter:)  )? I have no idea on the conversion of it, but I do know that we are now doing alot of contacting in it and it sucks a bit;). We are doing around 5-7 hours of contacting depending on the day and boy oh boy do we get pretty darn hot. I have a pretty nice farmer's tan which is really funny to look at. It is quite attractive;).

The Lungo Mare (The Seaside) ...I spend a lot of time here.

Thank you for sending that package! I am so grateful for all the love that is sent here from home!!! You guys are the absolute best!!! Thank you for being such a great family! I can't wait to see what it inside!!!
Back to the broadcast for a bit, I don't know how much it is going to help the work here. Nearly everyone in the branch left to go home because they "didn't want to stay" or "they needed to make lunch for themselves and their families." SOOOO, I don't think that it is going to help too much? We only had 6 people at the church to watch it and that kinda urked me a bit, but it's ok:). We are still going to continue the work with or without the help of the members here:).
Elder Roby and I found a new area of Reggio last week that I didn't know about. It was awesome and really felt like "old Italy" This door was one of the pictures I took there.
Yes, I did here about the new Mission Pres. His name is Presidente Waddoups and from his picture, he looks really tall;)! Like as tall as me or maybe a bit taller!!! Nice!!! He is gonna stick out like a sore thumb like I do;)! I think he is from the state of Utah (surprising;)) but that is all I know about him. We see the mission pres and his wife ever Zone Conference and our ZC is this comnig Tuesday so we will see him then more likely than not.
Well, life is being lived here. This week was a lot better liek I said before. I am trying to work as hard as I can so that I can make sure I use every moment of this mission to the best of my ability. I am trying to have a greater view on everything and it seems to be working. Anziano Roby (Rowbotham)and I are working together well too. He doesn't speak in Italian very much yet, so I do most of it, but he is getting better! We are doing a lot of "finding" and hopefully something comes of it! I love you all and thank youf or all your prayers! You are the best!!!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Layton (ME!)

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